Independent Person Services for Complaint Investigations & Secure Accommodation Reviews

Independent Person Services for complaint investigations and secure accommodation reviews are provided to Local Authorities to ensure the statutory requirements of the Children Act 1989 in relation to complaints and representations, the Children (Secure Accommodation) Regulations 1991 and the appointment of Independent Persons for adult service complainants under the new Local Authority Social Services and National Health Service Complaints (England) Regulations 2009 can be met.

RRC provides Independent Persons for

Stage 2 and Stage 3 statutory Children’s Service complaints

(The Children Act 1989 Representations Procedure (England) Regulations 2006)

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Secure Accommodation Criteria reviews

Children (Secure Accommodation) Regulations 1991

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Stage 2 Adult Service complaints

(The new Local Authority Social Services and National Health Service Complaints (England) Regulations 2009)

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Key Features

  • Diverse network of experienced IPs from health and social care backgrounds as well as other disciplines.
  • All IPs fully vetted with enhanced DBS disclosures, verified references, comprehensive insurance and photo ID cards
  • Secure GDPR compliant systems for sharing data with Local Authorities
  • Secure and encrypted case management software for IPs that is fully GDPR compliant with data tracking, time tracking and secure email.
  • Monthly performance monitoring and reporting of progress, timescales and time for IPs on complaint investigations.
  • Fully trained IPs for secure accommodation reviews supported with the latest practice guidance.
  • Established peer support network, access to training and supervision for IPs.
  • Comprehensive complaint investigation/mediation/ secure accommodation reference resources, guidance documents and templates.
  • Quality management processes with bespoke protocols for each Local Authority.

Principles and Standards

RRC appointed Independent Persons will:

Ensure objectivity and impartiality in consideration of complaints with respect to decisions made and actions taken in response.

Demonstrate a commitment to equal opportunities and good practice consistent with the Local Authorities own policies.

Demonstrate a commitment to respecting the rights of the child and to ensuring his/her safety.

Assist the Local Authority to work in partnership with children, young people and their families, carers and service providers on resolution and problem solving outcome focused work.

Provide feed-back to enable Local Authorities in service planning and service delivery.

Systems and procedures

RRC has comprehensive policies and procedures covering the Independent Person service including simple user friendly administration protocols and fully secure and encrypted document / data storage facilities allowing online collaboration with Local Authorities.

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*urgent and out of hours referrals will be responded to on the same day, usually within 4 hours