Accountability and Scrutiny

In today’s climate of accountability and scrutiny, it is essential that public services ensure systems are in place to monitor the quality of services provided to meet the needs of the service user and for those services to meet and exceed local and national best value indicators.

Transparent and Credible

Transparency and credibility is often questioned when auditing, reviewing and developing services ‘in-house’ or following complaints and/or serious case reviews.

RRC supports organisations overcome these and other hurdles by providing a range of independent investigation, reviewing and evaluating solutions by impartial independent social care professional to produce objective, balanced and above all credible recommendations for organisations to consider.

Independent Solutions

RRC provides viable independent solutions to Local Authorities and other organisations wishing to ensure independence in:

  • Complaint Investigations
  • School Investigations
  • Secure Accommodation Reviews
  • Management Investigations
  • Independent Reviews and Enquiries
  • Mediation

Cost effective and Efficient

It can often become a costly exercise trying to deal with difficult investigations or reviews in house or having the right people to manage such tasks. Commissioning an independent solution can be cost effective saving time and money and delivering a credible alternative. Find out how efficient and cost effective it is to commission a range of management support solutions from complaint and management investigations to inspection, monitoring and reviewing services by experienced independent social care professionals with a proven track record.

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