Local Authorities & Independent Sector Children’s home providers

Since 2009 RRC has provided Local Authorities and independent sector children’s home providers with experienced independent Regulation 44 Visitors under the Children’s Home (England) Regulations 2015.

Regulation 44 Visitors

RRC provides an independent monthly monitoring/inspection service as part of the Regulation 44 requirements of The Children’s Home (England) Regulations 2015 (previously Regulation 33 of the 2001 Regulations).

The service is provided to Local Authorities / Trusts and independent children’s homes providers either on a fixed term or spot purchase arrangement.

Quality and standards

The emphasis of the inspection/monitoring visit provided by RRC is to focus on the quality of care and the ability to meet the needs of the children looked after. RRC’s Regulation 44 Visitors look at how the home operates on a daily basis as well as how identified care needs are met, which will be measured against the National Minimum Standards for children’s homes. Issues of poor practice will be discussed with staff where appropriate to do so and reported together with recommendations for improvement. Equally, good practice is always acknowledged, praised and shared.

The Regulation 44 visit

With RRC’s Regulation 44 Visitor service you can expect an unannounced visit, the timings of which can be varied to cater for a variety of settings. Care staff, children and young people and their social workers will be spoken to and a visual inspection of the building and surrounding environment carried out.

In addition to the above other essential records relating to staffing and the care of the children and young people will be reviewed and reported on. A detailed report will be produced following analysis of care planning, education provision, restraints, sanctions, absconding and missing from care information.

Where appropriate to do so, recommendations and advice will be offered.

Learning and Development

RRC’s Regulation 44 Visitors will also assist (if required) children’s home providers in developing their service by providing regular independent perspectives on the functioning of the home and where and how this can be improved. This can include advice and recommendations on best practice, on the management of change and improvement in efficiency and standards. Ultimately the focus is always on improving the care children and young people receive in the home.

Security and reporting

RRC has a comprehensive range of policies and procedures and secure encrypted systems ensuring compliance with data protection guidance. RRC’s systems are set up to ensure full reporting and monitoring of all work undertaken. 

RRC Regulation 44 Visitors can take responsibility if required to circulate Regulation 44 reports to responsible managers for looked after children, corporate carers, Ofsted and other appropriate stakeholders.

Prefer to Commission Direct?

As well as delivering a Regulation 44 Visitor service, RRC has a fully managed national database of independent Regulation 44 Visitors that you can commission direct known as REG44. This option may be suitable for some providers of children’s home.

Please visit REG44 for further details.