Local Authorities and Trusts

Independent Person and Independent Investigating Officer services are available to Local Authorities and Trusts to undertake statutory complaint investigations and reviews. The service is also available to voluntary and charitable organisations and can be provided under annual contracts or through spot purchase arrangements.

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Children’s Service and Adult Service Complaints

RRC’s diverse network of Independent Persons (IP), Independent Investigating Officers (IIO), Independent Panel Members (IPM) and Independent Chairpersons(IC) are ready to undertake complaint investigations and reviews under all stages of the statutory children’s services and adult service complaints procedures for Local Authorities and Trusts.

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Credible & Reliable Independent services since 2003

At RRC we are always looking to optimize all aspects of our work by continuously looking for ways in which to work more efficiently and effectively. Using advances in technology to streamline work processes, we have been able to reduce time and cost while improving productivity and outcomes. Talk to us today and find out why Local Authorities throughout the UK have relied on RRC for a range of credible and reliable independent services since 2003.

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Key Features

  • Diverse network of experienced IOs and IPs from health and social care backgrounds as well as other disciplines.
  • All IOs and IPs fully vetted with enhanced DBS disclosures, verified references, comprehensive insurance and photo ID cards
  • Secure GDPR compliant systems for sharing data with Local Authorities
  • Secure and encrypted case management software for IOs and IPs that is fully GDPR compliant with data tracking, time tracking and secure email
  • Monthly performance monitoring and reporting of progress, timescales and time spent on investigations
  • Established peer support network, access to training and supervision for IOs and IPs
  • Comprehensive complaint investigation/mediation reference resources, guidance documents and templates
  • Quality management processes with bespoke protocols for each Local Authority

Supporting complainants

RRC IOs and IPs fully support complaints from children, young people and vulnerable adults. They will consider any additional representation, advocacy or other support that might be required.

The ethos of RRC IIOs and IPs is always to ensure a sensitive,caring and measured approach especially where complainants are children, vulnerable adults and / or other vulnerable groups.


RRC will deliver the ultimate ‘Independent’ element in each appointment made. To do so RRC maintains, supervises and supports a network of qualified and experienced independent people ready and prepared to undertake independent investigations and reviews.

RRC has a comprehensive range of policies, procedures and secure encrypted systems ensuring compliance with GDPR data protection guidance. RRC’s systems provide full reporting and monitoring of all work undertaken in addition to other important complainant management data.

Independent Persons

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Independent Investigating Officers

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Independent Panel Members

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Independent Chairperson

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