Simple, Transparent & Credible

RRC provides a simple and transparent and credible mediation service. Our independent mediators can help resolve disputes and conflict at various stages of disagreement. Our mediators are completely independent and neutral helping to facilitate negotiation and discussion aimed at reaching agreements and resolution.


RRC has experienced complaint investigators with many years’ experience of independently investigating complaints and reaching fair and independent conclusions in dispute and conflict situations. Our investigators are skilled in mediation and brokering resolution through formal and informal negotiation.

Disputes and conflict

Conflict, disputes and difference between individuals, groups, organisations, Local Authorities or any combination of these are a reality. Mediation is a productive activity to resolve disputes in modern life. It is based on the principle of collaborative problem-solving and does not apportion blame.

Prevention and resolution

By introducing mediation, and promoting a supportive and consultative culture, RRC mediators work to resolve disagreements, disputes and conflict and prevent escalation of issues which inevitably increases associated costs, in terms of time, money and dissatisfied clients and employees.


It’s proactive

It can be used early in a conflict situation, so it does not have time to fester and become a formal issue;

It’s educative

Conflict is often caused as a result of individual differences, such as personality or values. Mediation can have a positive impact on culture, skills and working relationships;

It’s voluntary

Both parties are showing a commitment to improve the situation just by agreeing to mediation;

It’s confidential

Both parties get an opportunity to explain their issues and the impact of them, in a safe environment. This encourages open and honest dialogue;

It’s win-win

The outcome is mutually agreed, not decided by a third party. It’s therefore much more likely to work.

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